jeudi 2 mars 2017

Sport day

Thursday, 16th of february was the sport day at school. Students had choice between, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, luge or ice skating. I chose ice skating and I was with Léa, Manisha, Iina, Aino and many other of the 9th grade. We walked until the ice skating ground and stay there during 2 hours.

This day was also the day where students in last year of high school finished school and pass in the street in bus and throw some candies to celebrate the end of school. This is why, after lunch at school, I went to Iina's house to wait their passing in the street.
When they finally, arrived they threw candies, of course, but also a condom !

Guided tour of Helsinki

Tuesday, we had a guided tour of Helsinki. All the foreign students was split in 5 team and in each team, there was some finnish students to make us a visit of the city. We take the pose in front of a lot of statues and monuments. We have also visited an art museum. It was really weird but also funny ;)
In a shopping center we stoped to take a picture with a "MUMMI". It's a cartoon person very popular in Finland. Everybody know the Mummi.

mercredi 15 février 2017

Fazer chocolate factory

Monday, we went at the Fazer chocolate factory. First of all we must put our coat and bag in locker and after this, the visit could start. The guide tell us about the history of Fazer and some informations about their production. We have also seen a kind of greenhouse where a lot of plants grow up like, pineapples, vanilla, cinnamon,, and of course : cocoa bean !
At the end of the visit we could taste all the different type of chocolate. Tasting unilimited ! All the chocolate and candies was so good !
Finally, we went to the shop (where we were offered some bread and candies) to buy a kilogrammes of chocolates !! Everybody took some much things in their basket.

vendredi 10 février 2017

Nuuksio with short mobilitiy

Last weekend I was again at Haltia but with the short mobilities. We left school at 9:00 and join the center by coach. Arrived at destination, we visit the same "eposition" that the last time and it was cool.
Then, we put our coats on and go to walk in the forest. The landscape was really snowy but it was not that cold. We have walked until the reindeers run. A man teach us how to feed them and we saw the reindeers very closely. After this, we went in a type of 'tipi' where we ate and drink a hot tea.
During the return trip we made snowball fight. It was students against teachers and it was just so funny !!

jeudi 2 février 2017


I've spend the last weekend in Estonia.
We took the ship at 10:30 and the crossing lasted 2:00. So, at 12:30 we were in Tallinn, the Estonia's capital. Tallinn occupies an area of 159,2 km² and 32% of the estonians lives in this city. Tallinn is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its numerous towers.
I came in the orthodox Church of Tallinn : Alexandre Nevski cathedral. It was very beautiful, outside like Inside. So much ornaments, gilt and all that stuff.

We also visited the Museum "Kiek in Kök Bastionikäigud". It was about the history of Tallinn, the differents weapons used....And they was a good views of the city because it was in a kind of donjon.

Then, the 'old city' is just very cute. The houses are paint with pastel colors and it looks like a little village even if there is the 'real' city very near.

The second day, with Anni we went to the shopping center during the morning and after this, we join her parents to go to an other museum. This one was also about weapons but there was more explications about the creation of Tallinn and generations across the ages.

jeudi 26 janvier 2017

Cross-country ski

The last weekend, with all the family we went ski. It was really cool and after some kilometers we ate a snack at the cafeteria.
Before use the ski, Timo, Anni's father put some "wax" Under the blame of the ski to brake the move because it's very slippery. There are a lot of differents "wax" for differents temperatures : for -10 until -1, 0 until 2....but the one we used was 0 until -1.

The ski is an important sport in Finland. But the alpine ski is not the more widespread, it is especially the cross-country ski. There are two type of cross country : the classic style and the skating style. The first one looks like walking. We take support on our foot to propel our body forward.Then, we slide on the other foot. And as far as the skating style we move diagonally, and push with poles.

samedi 21 janvier 2017

Opening of Pop-Up Café

Yesterday, at school, it was the opening of the Pop-Up Café.
This is why, during my Home Economics hour we have cooked some différents food : pizzas, blueberry muffins, sesame cookies, chocolate cake....Everybody was very busy !
At 12:00, after the lunch, Minttu made a speech and Manisha cut the red ribbon. Then, some boys played eletric guitar and drums while pupiles were waiting to buy the food. Very quickly all the food was selling !